Guide to models#

Custom Model#

Any custom model class should inherit from torch.Module (or its children) and implement its abstract methods.

Integration with fedsim-cli#

To automatically include your custom model by the provided cli tool, you can define it in a python file and pass its path to -m or --model option (without .py) followed by column and name of the model definition (class or method). For example, if you have model CustomModel stored in a foo/bar/, you can pass --model foo/bar/my_custom_alg:CustomModel.


Arguments of constructor of any model could be given in arg:value format following its name (or path if a local file is provided). Examples:

fedsim-cli fed-learn --model cnn_mnist num_classes:8 ...
fedsim-cli fed-learn --model foo/bar/my_custom_alg:CustomModel num_classes:8 ...